An opening day we will hardly forget…


The inaugural session of the festival triggered strong emotions amongst the public. We went from laughter to tears in a matter of minutes. But it’s part of this game; it’s what makes freeriding so intense and powerful.

The public had good fun and laughs tonight watching the fantastic odyssey in Big Trouble in a Big Tent – with Johannes Hoffman onstage to present it- the trip to Iceland amongst buddies in Bon Appétit en Islande, presented by Jean-Mi Gouadain, and mostly with The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding, a very realistic compilation of the funniest clichés in the pro snowboarding scene.

The mind-blowing landscapes in Japan, Chile, Iceland and the US National Parks also multiplied the emotions, but the presentation of Chroniques d’Hokkaido was hands down the most emotional moment of the evening.

Unfortunately, the mountain and freeriding scene suffers losses every year. They’re experts, professional athletes who take calculated risks but the mountain always has the last say. Despite all the preparation and security measures, it doesn’t take much for a glorious moment to end in tragedy.

Barely 3 months after witnessing her son’s death in Chile, Pierre Colonge’s mother, Sylvie, flew from Haute Savoie to pay homage to her son and present his film – Chroniques d’Hokkaido- for him. Before a public who could hardly hold their tears, she proudly described her son as “a Nature loving kid, who skied fluidly to disturb the mountain as less as possible”. His latest project with his brother Julien on the island of Hokkaido, was in fact his last work, a video he edited himself at home for endless hours.
Pierre wasn’t with us tonight at the theatre Cauterets, but he will remain in our hearts and the hearts of all those who had the chance to share his passion with him.


The festival would like to pay tribute to Pierre and to all those who lost their lives to their passion for mountains…